From Paris to Cape Town…with love

Today I woke up knowing that thousands of people around the world were mourning the loss of life. Those who lost friends, family, partners in the unthinkable horror in Paris in a senseless act of violence. Those who lost friends, family, partners in the retaliation that took place in Northern Syria overnight. Those who lost loved ones this weekend to accidents, violence, illness and neglect. Daily there is loss of life and we seem to pick and choose the events that shake us. Those that drive us to change our profile pics, post a status update, retweet a comment or follow a hashtag.

But the moment that caused the tears to run down my face this weekend was not the loss of nameless people elsewhere in the world, but knowing that close friends of mine were mourning the loss of someone they loved. His absence will be felt in the daily moments of being that take your breath away. The moments that stop you cold with the emptiness of loss.

While others are raging around a world event and even questioning why only this event creates news and not the hundreds of other atrocities that take place globally every day, I think of my friends whose lives have been irrevocably changed by the loss of one man and am reminded that only when we can feel the loss so keenly of someone close to us can we begin to imagine the pain of loss felt daily by nameless, faceless people living in unimaginable terror. How much pain and suffering humanity deals with daily must surely at some point have a release valve for all this grief.

Maybe that’s why we celebrate the little things with such enthusiasm, a 40th birthday party for a best friend, a healing friend recovering from a long illness, dinner with friends you haven’t seen in a while, the daily thanksgiving that a brother is around to talk to. I’m grateful today that I share my life with people of faith, integrity, honour and empathy. And chocolate.


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