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We all have dreams, big ones, small ones, unrealistic and attainable ones. Old dreams and new dreams and shelved dreams. Broken dreams and dreams so deep they remain unformed.  Read the rest of this entry

The Single Handy Girl Guide to DIY: Part Light Bulbs

Life is full of challenges, big ones, little ones, annoying pull-your-hair-out ones and general daily struggles.

One of the challenges to owning your own property are the little things that need to be done around the house. Cleaning the bathroom drain of that clumpy hair (you girls know what I mean!), changing light bulbs, rewiring plugs, tidying up electronic cords, putting up pictures, painting walls, hanging up curtains and blinds, installing cat flaps, fixing leaking taps and washing machine drains that overflow. The list is endless. All these little electrical, plumbing, handyman jobs that generally we as girls know nothing about. Like changing car tyres…hmmm. Read the rest of this entry

Being an Extroverted Introvert…

A what??? I hear you asking in disbelief…yes, an extroverted Introvert. It may sound like an oxymoron or just plain moronic especially if you know anything at all about introverts, but let me explain a little…

Below are some common thoughts and explanations on what it feels like to be an introvert…but for an extroverted introvert, not all these are accurate and some need a little explanation so that you don’t start avoiding us completely. Read the rest of this entry

How to interact with an over 40, single with cats

As a followup to the topic of singleness for a friend’s blog I was asked to write something about what I want married friends to know about being single…

I honestly had no idea what I wanted to tell my “married” friends as a “single” person. Sometimes I feel so frustrated with the labels we place on each other and use to define where we think someone should be at in their life Journey. Don’t get me wrong, after a lifetime of “single” (I’m 43, never been married and don’t have kids) I could write a book on what I’ve wanted to tell my “married” friends over the years. But then I’m sure they could have written the same book in reverse. Read the rest of this entry

Over 40, single and has cats

I wrote this for a friend’s blog a while back…about 3 years ago actually, but not much has changed except the number of wrinkles around my eyes and the extra white hairs peeking out amongst the ginger…

So I’ve been putting off writing this for a while ever since Brett asked a few weeks…ok maybe months ago now. For many reasons I didn’t feel ready to write this and to be honest it’s still something I don’t feel quite equipped to write. Not because I know nothing about singleness…ha! But because the emotions and stages and experience changes daily and is sometimes hard to pin down and describe. Read the rest of this entry

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