My Search for the Perfect Flat White

My Search for the Perfect Flat White

A few months ago a went to a fabulous market here in Durbs and was excited to see my favourite coffee stand Colombo Coffee. As it was early in the morning I raced straight over to get my fix so that I could wander around The Wonder Market at least looking a little less like a racoon zombie. I ordered my usual cappuccino and walked away happy.

The happiness did not last long as I discovered that the cup was mostly filled with foam and very little actual coffee to my complete horror. Fast forward a few weeks and I was back at the same market, seriously needing coffee, but after my last experience I was loathe to go back to my favourite coffee stand. Willing to give them another chance though as that was the first time I had been disappointed, I approached the barista and mentioned my last cup of Colombo coffee was not that great and was mostly foam and no coffee. He then politely asked me what kind of coffee I enjoy, so of course my response was:

  1. strong
  2. sweet
  3. with milk

His solution…I must try a flat white…

A what???

I had never heard of a flat white. Was this some new flat white coffee bean?? Um, no. He looked horrified. And so he began to explain that it was pressed a certain way and therefore was sweeter and they used a double shot of espresso with a single shot of steamed milk…oh. Ooooooh that sounds good! I’ll try one…

Aaaaand the addiction was born! Since then every coffee shop or café I go to I ask for a flat white. The conversation goes something like this…

Me: Do you do a flat white?

Waitron: yes of course.

Me: Can I have one of those then?

Coffee arrives…pretty much a cappuccino without foam…erm…

or alternatively…

Me: Do you do a flat white?

Waitron: Would you like a single or double?

Me: (hopefully expectant) a double please!

Coffee arrives…pretty much a cappuccino without foam…erm…

So I have been on a mission to find the perfect flat white…One that matches up to my first experience at the Colombo coffee stand…

I have managed to find a few places who know what I mean, and yet others that don’t have a clue…so to save you the trouble of trying to find out for yourselves, I will post some reviews here so you know if you should order the flat white or stick to orange juice..

In Search of the King of Flat Whites: Cafe Jiran

In Search of the King of Flat Whites: Mark Gold


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